Medical Group & Hospital Recruitment Services

M.J. Jones and Associates is an independent Healthcare Consulting & Physician placement organization headquartered in the Chicago suburb, Naperville.  The Firm offers comprehensive services in: General Consulting related to Physician Recruitment Programming and Physician, Physician Assistant, and Nurse Practitioner Placement. Primary focus of Recruitment efforts are geared to the Northern Illinois, Chicagoland, and Northern Indiana areas. Based upon over 30 years of Physician/PA/NP/ Recruitment, the strengths associated with the use of M.J. Jones and Associates by your organization for your Recruitment needs include:

· Exclusive concentration on Recruitment in Northern IL and Indiana
· Our true “local presence” that allows staff to not only know the area/opportunity, but also the ability to be “on-site” at any given time for meetings, interviews, etc.
· A full-service Firm assisting you in every phase of your search, start to finish
· Access to a National Network of other Physician Recruitment organizations who assist M.J. Jones and Associates on your Recruitment project
· Our Shared Fee Agreement with other Firms offers you the benefit of talking to one Firm versus utilizing several firms and spending time talking with individuals from each firm
· 24 hour availability to both Clients and Candidates via our Toll-Free 1-800 number

Our staff of experienced professionals are ready to provide quality, timely, and cost-effective services to you and your practice, which is of utmost importance in today’s changing Healthcare environment.

We invite you to Contact Us to discuss your Recruitment needs and how we can assist you and learn more about our excellent services with quality results.